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I don’t want to wake up this morning, I can’t face the morning light It just came on without warning, don’t know what went wrong last night I can’t explain what really happened, I can’t remember all those words I don’t know just how it started, but I recall the sound I heard Now I’m afraid to face the music, don’t want to listen to that noise All these games are not amusing, I just want to be one of the boys If I could find a noble motive, I might motivate myself To fend off these dark emotions, to reach out and cry for help Crashing down, crashing down, my world comes crashing down There’s another side to the story, a different perspective point of view There’s a world of space between us, conflicting ideals too It was something someone was discussing, An internet philosopher’s rant and rave I found it downright disgusting and crawled back into my cave I don’t want to wake up this morning, I can’t face the morning light I’m cocooning under the covers, to lay low and stay out of sight I’m insulated in my shelter, I’m immune to all those blues If I could hide til this all blows over, I wouldn’t have so much to lose
Cactus Whiskey and Alligator Steak The first thing in the morning before I make my first mistake Keeps my motor humming for hours all through my day Cactus Whiskey and Alligator Steak That’s what keeps me alive, my total calorie intake When you live out on the Bayou you do what you do just to survive I don’t eat no fast food because I’m moving kinda slow Don’t need no soul food to comfort me no no no Cactus Whiskey brewed in the still out back Louisiana moonshine out behind the shack It’s all I’ve ever needed, it keeps my game on track Big old alligators get chopped up into steak I stomp ‘em in the swampland and skin ‘em by the lake Tan their hides for leather in the cowboy boots I make I don’t pay no taxes because what I’ve got is mine Not holding back and the fact is I’m doing just fine Cactus Whiskey and Alligator Steak Southern women in the Honky Tonks at night They dance til daybreak and the boys get drunk and fight When things get heavy I grab my guitar and take flight Creole country music keeps my step in line Down home Cajun cookin’ in the kitchen tastes just fine Gator steaks are frying and Mississippi moonshine makes me blind I don’t get all worked up about too much nowadays I don’t crave involvement now that I’ve changed my ways
Joe The Crow 04:53
Joe the Crow sits in a tree I won't share my scraps so he's mad at me He’s all in a flap and a big kerfuffle Skulks around doing the crow bait shuffle Joe the Crow has tons of fun At the crack of dawn, with the rising sun He screams and squawks and makes such a racket All the angry campers just can't hack it Joe the Crow is pretty smart He knows who I am but that's just the start Off the branch I see him deliberately jump Fly over my boat and drop a dump Joe the Crow, what do you know? Well what do you know, it's Joe the Crow Joe the Crow is a thirsty bird Everybody's heard the b-b-b-b-bird is the word When he needs a drink, there’s no need to go far Down the road there's The Crobar Joe the Crow can fly upside down Or sideways up when he clowns around He can solve a puzzle and use a tool Most everyone knows he's hard to fool Joe the Crow isn't proud I guess He digs through the trash and makes a big mess Like a starving sailor in a crow's nest He'll eat anything he can ingest Joe the Crow dive bombs my friend When he leaves his house, the crow's there again He thinks his head looks like a nest That zany bird is a perpetual pest Joe the Crow and his murder of friends Think they're brave but it all depends They act so tough they caw and cough Then they get real scared and they all flock off
Caldera 00:19
Blue Monkey 04:20
I heard a rumble roaring down the track Alarm announcing we are under attack A voice whispered into my ear Blue Monkey don’t look back He’s telling me we’ve got to get away A word of warning it’s not safe to stay Don’t delay there’s still time to react Blue Monkey don’t look back Blue Monkey, Blue Monkey On Santorini there’s an ancient site Where Akrotiri met a fiery plight Frescoes buried in volcanic ash Blue Monkey don’t look back No time to pack up everything today Flee for your life you need a plan of escape Mountain’s erupting and the sky turns black Blue Monkey don’t look back I never knew I had so much to lose Not when I’m dancin’ in my Sunday shoes But I woke up the day I heard the news Blue Monkey don’t look back
Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz, a bad bunch if there ever was Just can’t seem to get along, meddle where they don't belong They cuss and fuss like no one does, Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz, they stir up trouble just because Can't leave well enough alone, filtching things they don't own A sadder crew there never was, Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz In the land of Uz there lived a man His name was Job and life was grand Job was blameless and feared the Lord There was nothing he could not afford Satan said ‘God, let me put him in his place And Job will curse you to your face’ but he never did Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz, they do their best to rile the fuzz They incite a riot in the square, raise a ruckus everywhere They fight more than the army does, Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz Jacob laid his head upon a stone He dreamed that he was not alone Stairway to heaven ran up and down He built a pillar there on the ground In a land they once called Luz There's no mention made of Uz and Buz Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz, they cause commotion just because So rambunctious, they don't care, creating havoc everywhere A troubled lot if there ever was, Uz & Buz and cousin Spuz Uz & Buz, cousin Spuz, uncle Abe, muma Milcah, the land of Luz
Why in the world should I care Feeling so lost in despair I ask myself every night ‘Is there no hope left in sight’ Look what’s become of my life Hardly a spark left to light I dream of you all the time Memories torture my mind Wondering if you’re all alone We could just talk on the phone There’s nothing more I can say Knowing now you’ve gone away There’s nothing on earth I can do To keep me from longing for you My life’s a mess I confess Yes I’m obsessed I can hardly stand it, feel abandoned Why in the world should I care Knowing this is going nowhere Is this the weight I must bare Is this the face I will wear forever, ceasing never Why in the world should I care
Sambuca 04:33
Well it’s time for a party, it’s time to relax Get the gang all together, you can just kick back, with Sambuca, that’s what we like, Sambuca Now it’s happy hour somewhere so let’s have a drink Let your hair down you don’t have to think Sambuca, that’s what we want, Sambuca So pour me a shooter, let’s make it a round Bottoms up now slam ‘em down Sambuca, it tastes so good, Sambuca, we knew it would Magic Sam was an old blues man and Bukka White of the royal King clan Lived on down in the deep south land They got together and they started a band, called Sam-Bukka, it had a lot of soul, they played a little rock n roll So get your guitar strumming and play it loud To the Samba beat for the party crowd Sambuca, it’s oh so smooth, Sambuca It’ll make you feel happy, make your head feel light There’s only one choice it’s either black or white Sambuca, it’s a total delight, I should’ve danced all night Now I propose a toast to the Pope Life’s hard in the Vatican but he’s able to cope with Sambuca, it helps him unwind, soon he’s feeling fine Three cheers for the Queen, I think she’d approve In Buckingham Palace too content to move with Sambuca, comfortably numb, under my thumb We salute the Italians they love their quaff They dine with fine wine and then they top it off with Sambuca, every night, makes you feel alright Sambuca, it’s a total delight, let’s have some tonight
The world can be unkind if you’ve been left behind I’ve heard silence speak louder than words But you can make it right and maybe take delight Stepping Out On Saturday Night Don’t want to be alone, don’t want to stay at home Don’t want to hide inside a bubble tonight I gotta hear some music, some tunes so loud and bluesy Stepping Out On Saturday Night It’s been a long week and we’ve been working so hard It’s good to know that everything’s done Life’s been crazy around here but at the end of day It’s time for us to have some fun Don’t want to see a movie, maybe I’m being choosey Just want to wander where the lights are bright I think I’ve found the answer hanging ‘round the dancers Stepping Out On Saturday Night Skies grow grey and cold dark clouds collide Thunder rolls on and the heavens open wide Now when the weather’s sunny I’m going to call my honey We want to climb in my TBird and drive I’m gonna take her cruisin’ and later after snoozin’ Stepping Out On Saturday Night It’s been a long week and we’ve been working so hard It’s good to know that everything’s done Things get crazy around here but at the end of day It’s time for us to have some fun The world can seem unkind so don’t be left behind I’ve seen you scream without making a sound Just let yourself unwind, when you’ve made up your mind Stepping Out On Saturday Night Bye bye, so long, farewell, I’m gone, wish me luck, don’t wait up Stepping Out On Saturday Night
S O S 02:04
S. O. S.


Rock Genre with Brass Instruments on every track


released June 1, 2017

All songs composed by Glen Foster, Parent Publishing SOCAN
Produced by Glen Foster and Rick Salt for Parent Productions
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Glen Foster Group Nanaimo, British Columbia

Glen Foster is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, entertainer, music producer and president of his own companies: Rescue Records, Parent Publishing & Productions. He was a professional music teacher for over 20 years. He has studied rock, jazz, Chet Atkins finger style, Hawaiian, and classical guitar, has been awarded two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. ... more

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