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by Glen Foster Group

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There’s a city in flames, a flag on fire, streets are occupied Nations rage, war is waged, and access is denied Folks are freaking out, they act deranged There’s people speaking out and seeking change Back at home I make it pay one day at a time Hardly fazed, slightly crazed, amazed at what I find Like it’s all prearranged and meant to be You think I’m acting strange, well you know me I’m alive and awakening I arrive at the Reckoning There’s those who do, those who don’t and those who dress to dance Some who have, some have not and some don’t have a chance In dark disparity the whole world can see A stark reality, they die to be free Now face the need, the waste and greed, a half full or half empty cup Declare what's there, fair and square and prepare to tally up Time is ticking down, we want to hear who’s next Will we be sticking around, will there be nothing left I’m alive and awakening I arrive at the Reckoning We revive to a beckoning Who’ll survive the Reckoning
War Of Words 05:16
We agreed to disagree, I concede I only need to be free You perceived my need as greed I changed my plea but received the third degree I couldn’t see I’d been deceived Should have seen you never believed in me You can’t rely on what’s been said or what you’ve heard It’s all a War Of Words You always argue short and long, you’re so head strong and I’m wrong Find someone who cares Stretch the truth to prove your point Bend the rules with some phrase you coin, so unfair Twist and turn my meaning around Wear my resistance down now that’s nowhere You can’t rely on what’s been said or what you’ve heard It’s all a War Of Words (Cold War) Well I guess I get what I’m gunning for But I don’t deserve what you’ve done for sure Someday someone will settle the score All that’s left of love is cold war So tell those lies through your sly disguise, misguiding eyes aren’t shy Why am I not surprised? Intimidate anyone who tries, insinuate you’ll leave us high and dry Every trial of trust that’s lost is just because you lust to see men cry So don’t rely on what’s been said or what you’ve heard It’s all a War Of Words (Cold War) You can’t rely on what’s been said or what you’ve heard It’s all a War Of Words (Cold War)
Pixelated Man depicted as you planned Digitized and Dramatized Optimized and Polarized Glamorized with shaded eyes you stand Desolation dude, all depends on what you do Authorized and Analyzed Legalized, Legitimized Tell no lies you’re Trusted Tried & True Pixelated Man Pixelated Man there’s a problem with the plan Commercialized and Criticized Compromised and Patronized Plagiarized there’s payback on demand Cryptomnesia band, no one understands Itemized and Idolized Scrutinized and Satirized Neutralized who knows how hard you’ll land Pixelated Man He Doesn’t Fret It, He’s Intentional, It’s Not His Fault
Composer/Author: Bob Gaudio Each day as I grow older The nights are getting colder Some day the sun will shine on me Money, I don't have any I'm down to my last penny But darlin' don't cry over me I'll be a big man in town, honest honey I'll be a big man in town, promise darling I'll be a big man in town, just you wait and see You'll be proud of me - Big Man In Town They think that I'm a rover But my rovin' days are over Some day your folks will welcome me I went away a small man But I’m coming home a tall man Then what a pretty bride you'll be I'm gonna make it, just wait and see Copyright Seasons Four Music and EMI Longitude Music Inc
Well I’ve done more living in half the time Than twice as many driven to have what’s mine And I wouldn’t omit a minute of it for a bit of what’s on their minds Yes I’ve seen less giving at the end of the day I’m not afraid to admit or too proud to say That I’m living my life how I see fit and wouldn’t have it any other way But the Storms of Life like a razor’s edge Can cut you down and strand you on a ledge They pierce your heart and let you bleed and leave you nowhere to go The Storms of Life like a nine pound sledge Will beat you down and then drive a wedge Into your soul and destroy your pride doubting everything you know Storms of Life Well there’s so much sorrow out on display It’s a sad tomorrow when there’s nothing to say Time stands still while you’re waiting there You wish there was another way Now I’m not confessing any selfless shame There’s no concession when no one’s to blame I’m done digressing let’s get on with it and end this gruesome game The Storms of Life like a tightening vice Can crush your spirit at a costly price You wait bewildered wondering where to turn And you can’t tell wrong from right Ya the Storms of Life leave you cold as ice Where the way is wide and your words concise You stand and shiver in the freezing rain, there’s no hope left in sight Storms of Life Someday sister when it’s all been said I’m gonna step aside and sleep it off instead Satisfied with what lies ahead and the truth in the life I’ve lead One day brother when I’ve made my bed I’m gonna lay back in it and rest my head Justified in the trials I’ve had by the trail of light I’ve shed Now we’ve all known suffering and we wonder why If He’s a God of love why would He make us cry and Permit this pain instead of stepping in and just being a real good guy? Do we each deserve our specific fate? Either love or hate, it’s an endless debate We’re all just dealing with how to relate, the next move we should make Storms of Life
There’s so many choices they’re selling me everyday I hear too many voices telling me what to say No one else rejoices, it’s compelling but I won’t be swayed Options to select, Opinions that object, Obsessions I won’t obey I get all kinds of offers that propose what I should use They’re just like all the others, I suppose I’ll have to choose I can’t compromise the coffers, I’m composed but I’m confused Decisions I regret, Directions I reject, Diversions I don’t refuse This That These & Those, things we think we know This That These & Those, a relentless river flows It’s an endless show, it seldom slows, a senseless pretence grows This That These & Those Every time I turn around there’s something somebody owes Everywhere it’s the same old sound, someone needs a loan Everything that’s going down somehow brings me home Conditions to be met, commitments I neglect, compulsions I can’t control Well there’s self help, EZ wealth, a formula for real health Miracle ways to heal Fast track, deck stacked, guaranteed money back Show me now what’s the deal? Who do I think I am when I walk into a crowd An imaginary man, who always talks too loud Is it me or who I mean to be, is my head in a cloud? It’s how I move, the way I groove, that proves I’m not too proud
Easy Rolling 02:59
I’m driving, I’m surviving, I’m feeling alive I’m thriving, I’m just striving to do it right It’s sunny, I’ve got money, I’m not running behind It’s funny, I’m not wondering why Easy Rolling, moonlight stroll Easy Rolling, free my soul
If tomorrow never comes or yesterday don’t fade away There would still be here and now And dreams to dance another day If forever ever ends or the past could just begin I’d be lost in time with you and leave it all behind again Like a Songwriters Circle Those lines keep coming strong and fast I won’t ride into the sun Watch it all just come undone Til no one cares and none of this is fun Like a Songwriters Circle The words we use don’t seem to last I might stay another day Say something I have to say Or maybe sing my song and then be on my way Now I forgot most of what I know, don’t understand all that I do But I remember why I’d go to feel alive and be with you Well the words of love are many Though the thoughts of loss are few Now regrets I don’t have any and deep regards I have for you There’s a Bridge Over Troubled Water And a Stairway To Heaven too Mary Lou is the Farmer’s Daughter And I’m Hopelessly Devoted To You Feels like sitting on a teeter totter Sixteen Tons on the other end Sometimes I wonder why I bother And I’m still running Against The Wind Now my best I can’t recall, the worst is still hard to forget But if I’d never even tried how would I know how far I’d get Seems I’m so far from the top but when I stop and look around I might be tired of facing up but more afraid of falling down Like a Songwriters Circle Those lines keep coming strong and fast I won’t sail into the west, satisfied I passed the test Then some guest yells ‘at least you did your best’ In that Songwriters Circle And words we chose All Things Must Pass I might stay another day Say something I have to say Or maybe sing my song and just be on my way
It’s a long, long way to the other side To forget our fears and the times we cried To release the pain and the pride that we hide inside Someday tears will all be dried The taste of hunger satisfied The chains on freedom broken and untied We’ll leave this space for a better place Lose despair without a trace Grow in grace with faith in the human race We’ll see our hopes and our dreams come true Dwell in peace like we’re meant to do Live in harmony me and you Someday it’ll all work out Well we try so hard to do what’s right Be on guard and fight the good fight But when days are dark, you can’t see the light If we seek the truth we can find the Way Heal our hearts and be okay Keep the faith and not fall away When we learn to love our fellow man Take the time to understand Share the wealth and not make demands We can conquer strife, it’ll disappear Honour life that we hold so dear Dispel the darkness, let it all come clear
The Reckoning


Produced by Glen Foster and Rick Salt for Parent Productions
Recorded and Mixed at Mountainview Studio, Nanaimo BC Canada


released September 1, 2012

Composed and Arranged by Glen Foster for Rescue Records except*
*Big Man In Town composed by Bob Gaudio, Seasons Four Music and EMI Longitude Music Inc.


all rights reserved



Glen Foster Group Nanaimo, British Columbia

Glen Foster is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, entertainer, music producer and president of his own companies: Rescue Records, Parent Publishing & Productions. He was a professional music teacher for over 20 years. He has studied rock, jazz, Chet Atkins finger style, Hawaiian, and classical guitar, has been awarded two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. ... more

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