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Trusted Tried & True

by Glen Foster Group

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    TRUSTED TRIED & TRUE Compact Disc and full colour fold out jacket with notes, data and pictures.

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Thirty years of blazing trails Searching for some holy grail Finding fortunes in the lost and found Cruising up the Sunshine Coast Paradise Meadows we miss the most Destination Desolation Sound Leaving legends far behind Closing doors and drawing lines Setting sail with whales and ships aground Forbidden Plateau far behind To Unwin Lake where we unwind Destination Desolation Sound Pacific winds they squall and blow We ride the tides that ebb and flow In tandem kayaks where the sailboats tack Out the inlets, through the straits To Prideaux Haven and Harbour Grace Destination Desolation Sound Touring round Tenedos Bay At Curme Islands campsite stay Exploring shorelines while we’re westward bound Oysters over open fire Fish fry as the flames fly higher Destination Desolation Sound
Seems the sun seldom shines Through the shadows cast behind Though sometimes it’s hard to smile she does her best They come from miles and miles around And she’s known all over town As the Tenderest Bartenderess in the west Once a travelling man she met And she never could forget How with his style and friendly smile he changed her life How he stole her heart away And he swore he’d always stay And he’d make that Tender Bartenderess his wife Cause we all want to fall in love Yes we all want to fall in love Under the moon up above like a pair of turtle doves We all want to fall in love Yes a travellin’ man she had But alas their love went bad For as travellin’ men will do he finally left And though it tore her heart apart Well it didn’t turn her hard She’s still the Tenderest Bartenderess in the West She’s a friend to the patrons and a waitress for the rest She’s the Tenderest Bartenderess in the West Now I’m on the road again And I’m thinkin’ ‘bout a friend For of true love we know time is but a test And I know she’s waiting there With sweet fragrance in her hair She’s still the Tenderest Bartenderess in the West
Cryptomnesia 01:07
What’s right is right I know that’s true Learned my lesson I’ve been schooled What’s mine is mine That’s the rule Cryptomnesia You’ve been fooled Cryptomnesia, a double-edged sword Am I right or wrong? Cryptomnesia, My Sweet Lord I think I stole your song? What’s wrong is wrong There’s no dispute The verdict’s in You can’t refute What’s mine is yours You’ve heard that tune Cryptomnesia We don’t get fooled again
I coulda saved a lot of trouble if I’d listened to some good advice Mighta drove a different road or even sprinkled it with sugar n spice I coulda made a big difference in somebody’s life Avoided all the trouble and the endless strife I coulda shoulda woulda but I didn’t and that’s alright I shoulda been patient when I’s standing in the waiting line A little more persistent, ended up wasting so much time I shoulda been consistent with how I’d be A little more resistant to the pressure on me I coulda shoulda woulda if I hada been able to see I coulda shoulda woulda, if I’d only known I coulda shoulda woulda, but that chance is gone I coulda shoulda woulda, now I know that race is run No regrets, no remorse, nothing ventured nothing gained Place your bets, stay the course I coulda shoulda woulda if I had it all to do again I woulda been wiser and it woulda went well within If I wasn’t always worrying or working out a way to win I woulda felt different when it all was through If I hada finished off what I started to I coulda shoulda woulda but I did what I had to do I coulda shoulda woulda now I know what’s done is done
A spark that’s struck in a darkened hearth ignites a glowing fire The harkening of a hardened heart is heralded by heaven’s choir Reason comes as seasons go, treason slays the heart Can’t decide, it’s so hard to know, there’s just one place to start Trusted, Tried and True Someone relies on you It all depends on what you do Trusted, Tried and True An ancient tale from a well worn tome that stands the test of time The cornerstone of a century home, foundation firm to find Wisdom passed down through the ages, words that ring with truth Tradition taught through generations, from elders to their youth What you believe and what you receive What you’re prepared to leave What you retain and when to restrain Whatsoever you conceive A dash of salt or a sprig of spice excites the palette’s sense If seasoning could strengthen me what weakens my defense? Should I stray too far from the narrow way Would I know what’s left is right? Put my trust in things that last, turn from dark to light There’s just one thing that I need to know, I’ve been down that road before I know for sure what I have to show, not feigning anymore A pattern that won’t let me down, a plan that’s never failed A path where I won’t get turned around, a part I know I’ve nailed
Intentional 08:17
I wasn’t trying not to be nice I wasn’t lying through eyes of ice I didn’t mean to be mean Didn’t mean to be seen to cause a scene My intentions were entirely innocent If sometimes too intense – Intentional Elley Mae is getting married today Best man eyes the pretty bride’s maid Reverend John Brown has advice to give On whom you honor and how to live Bride and Groom exchange their vows They’re solemn yet somehow – Intentional Well a white queen reigns in LaLa Land Black king rules with a velvet hand Bishopsgate is closed today Pawns have nothing nice to say Knight falls on a crooked rook Checkmate clearly looks – Intentional Well I read the headlines and I hear the news Some little princess somewhere has the blues There’s a hurricane here and a flood over there I see somebody who don’t have a coin to spare Now Raszul goes to school and learns the golden rule Bobby gets a job ‘cause he’s nobody’s fool Miss Beecher is the teacher and she knows what’s right Allan’s in the alleyway learning to fight The principal wonders what she’ll wear tonight Her demeanor is a might - Intentional But the bus boy slaves at the kitchen sink Manager tells him he’s not paid to think Server smiles out on the floor Maitre de waits at the door Sonny counts the money ‘cause he’s a whiz Believes his business is – Intentional So I sum the numbers and I scan the scores Tells me that it don’t add up no more Sky’s the limit, can’t find the floor Deeper in debt and the deficits soar Well the milkman’s horse just plods along He’s hauling his load and he’s mighty strong Not in a hurry to get nowhere He’s got a bag of oats and not a care Knows his route and he never stops And anything that he drops – is Intentional Now there’s rats in the road and they’re running a race They got chains and clubs and a can of mace Missiles fly higher than I can duck And there’s a homemade bomb in a pickup truck Well I’m ready to rumble just don’t touch my face The prosecutor builds his case – he’s Intentional So the Senate sits stately on parliament hill With great purpose they propose to pass their bill They debate all day but they don’t decide And dissolve resolved to let it slide There’s one point on which they’re all agreed Their disagreement is indeed – Intentional Luthor and Superman even the score Flash and The Phantom fight on the floor Batman and Spiderman swing from the sky God loves us all I don’t understand why Now the folksinger rambles out another song He just strums his guitar he isn’t right or wrong His war cry is to change the world With peace and love and a flag unfurled He’s the author of his own destiny His lyric is comically - Intentional And I’m intoxicated with this hullabaloo I’m afraid to stop I don’t know what I’d do I only know I want to be next to you Living in the Light with your love too And if I wake up in the morning happy being me I’m going to get up out of bed and be – Intentional Yes if I wake up in the morning happy being me I’m going to jump up out of bed and be – Intentional
Walking through a shopping mall and talking to a friend Wandering down some hallway always stalling near the end Resisting real temptation not to race too far ahead Listening to conversation and debating in my head Elevator Music playing, irrelevant distracting muzak that I hear Elevator Music, not relating to annoying noises in my ear Lost in thoughts that cross my mind I’m washed with winter rain Tossed aloft and frosted like a frozen weather vane Steering towards the course in the direction that I came Fearing foreign forces of deception that I blame Perception softly shrouded in a fog of endless dream Reception often clouded like a loud relentless scream All at once the obvious conclusion becomes clear What were once oblivious solutions seem so near Elevator Music, mildly amusing tunes you recognize Elevator Music, so soft and soothing tends to hypnotize Elevator Music, so inoffensive that I drop my guard Elevator Music, I get defensive and I go too far
Don’t fret it, if life gets to you don’t let it Don’t fret it, just do it then forget it Don’t fret it, life’s too short to regret it Don’t worry, don’t need to be in such a big hurry Why worry, those lines we draw get blurry Don’t worry, there’s no trial by judge and jury Do what you need to do, get where you’re going to You start it, see it through, just let your light come shining through Don’t fret it, when you play to win you bet it Don’t sweat it, if it takes some time just let it Don’t fret it, when you’ve got a dream go get it Go where you wanna go, learn all you need to know Sow only seeds that grow, don’t be afraid to let it show Do what you need to do, get where you’re going to What goes around comes around, so you just keep on keepin’ on Stay if you want to stay (You can leave if you want to, we’re just jammin’ that’s all) We play what we want to play (A little bit of love and understanding and soundz) Say what you have to say (That does mean peace not this) Don’t let your words get in the way (Peace)
Not My Fault 05:12
Living on the fault-line nowadays is a funny thing It’s like listening for the telephone but the telephone doesn’t ring There’s a strange sound from a cell phone now that plays my favorite song Society tells me that’s alright but it seems like something’s wrong So I tell myself that I’ve done OK but have I done Enough In a world that’s filled with halls of fame and walls of nameless stuff Am I to blame for my brother’s shame or do I lock it in a vault? The easy way is delay a day and say it’s Not My Fault Not My Fault, it’s an anthem for today The more I try to justify the harder it is to say Not My Fault, it’s an attitude we share Why should I care, why would I dare, what could I spare today Not My Fault Well I’ve seen so many broken lives, I’ve been a part of some The tears they cry, the sad goodbye, the plans that come undone Good riddance and the pain it brings, bitterness remains Forgiveness is a gift of grace with the kindness it contains But time has a way of healing to repair what we can’t mend Fate has a say in dealing out despair when at wit’s end It’s so hard to say you’re sorry when wounds are rubbed with salt The tendency’s ‘what’s best for me’, get free and then default What if it was someone you know, what if it was closer to home? What if you woke up all alone, what if there was nowhere to go? Well I’m mesmerized by a moving image flashed on my flat screen A tearful plea for mercy from a fearful foreign scene I blink my eyes and think in my mind when will all this halt? What can I do, where will they go, we’re really all at fault
All my fountains are in you I will sing and praise your name As I listen for your voice I will honour and obey Your foundation’s on Mount Zion Glorious things are said of you As they make music they will sing All my fountains are in you And when suffering is hard And there seems no reason why I will gaze upon the cross And the Lamb who had to die And when hopelessness abounds And there’s nothing making sense I will put my trust in God And make His strength my defense All my fountains are in you In His register He writes This one was born in Zion A citizen now with full rights


Produced by Glen Foster and for Parent Productions and Productions


released November 1, 2009

Composed and Arranged by Glen Foster for Rescue Records


all rights reserved



Glen Foster Group Nanaimo, British Columbia

Glen Foster is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, entertainer, music producer and president of his own companies: Rescue Records, Parent Publishing & Productions. He was a professional music teacher for over 20 years. He has studied rock, jazz, Chet Atkins finger style, Hawaiian, and classical guitar, has been awarded two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. ... more

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