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Leaving The Lagoon

by Glen Foster Group

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    LEAVING THE LAGOON Compact Disc and full colour fold out jacket with notes, data and pictures.

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New Day 00:13
Welcome to Wildwood, home of the Shinglemill Pub Historic Townsite and Healing Lodge at the hub Right down Switchback Road, left on Powell Lane At the Sea Dream B & B, Like Being Home Again Now the Little River Ferry is sailing across the Georgia Strait The Queen of Rum Row and Woodwitch Wildcrafts wait Hulks anchored for breakwater near Little Wing Farm Sliammon Village ways with a Westview charm Well a bloodhound follows his nose and his tail tells the tale When it’s wagging at both ends he’s hot on the trail Well a weekend in Wildwood we’re sitting in the Shinglemill Pub It’s Backberry Festival we’re gonna gobble down some good grub Relax and recharge at the Old Courthouse Inn At a Spring Salmon Bar-B-Q it’s summertime again Welcome to Wildwood, home of the Shinglemill Pub The Jail House Café and Desolation Kayak Club The Patricia Theatre is the oldest in the land When I’m back in Wildwood it’s Like Being Home Again Ya, I’m back at Wildwood, Like Being Home Again Like Being Home Again
Out of the clear blue sky it hit me like a lightning bolt To realize there’s only so much time and man it gave me quite a jolt So I plot my course, trim my sails, shoved off from the shore Don’t want to worry about details, not keeping score anymore Out on the deep blue sea I’m reeling on the rolling waves You’d hardly recognize it’s me with all the other cryptic knaves Speiling sermons and spouting prose, proclaiming their point of view Voracious voices being heard but never saying anything new Oh, Say That’s So Out of a waking dream it hit me like a ton of lead Those illusions aren’t what they seem, they simply got inside my head When I woke up and rubber my eyes, balanced on a narrow ledge Restless, reckless and flying blind, it’s lonely living on the edge Out of a cold dark night I stumbled into your town I wandered until daylight but didn’t hear a friendly sound Critics and crazies crawling by, protesters on parade Rogues and rascals flying high, all party to the grand charade Now if we never ever use more than half There’ll always be something left If forever we consume more than we have We’re doomed to ravaging the rest Out of an endless haze the committed are coming clean Confessing their worldly ways, convicted of what they mean I’m still standing on my own learning what I need to know The consequences are mine alone The consensus will Say That’s So
Olive groves, lemon trees, orange orchards, tangerines In a hi-speed coach down the Castile coast To a Catalonian host on the Mediterranean Sea Church bells chime, a clock tells time Friends feeling fine consuming Spanish wine There’s things I’ve seen that Kings and Queens have never see Places I’ve been where Royalty has never been And I’m proud to stand where an honest man Can live his life and work his plan Where things are seen that Kings and Queens have never seen Kings and Queens In the urban forest by choice or chance The workers chorus, is a protest chant Police on horses keep the peace While the crowd enforces their freedom of speech From the Crystal Palace at el Retiro Lake The stolen silver chalice was a big mistake At the river bend, a twisting trail Jogs through the glen down in the dale A yellow jacket attracts abuse While the beggars’ banquet is a feast of fools Some handsome charmer in tarnished armour He’s a peasant farmer and he won’t get far Now I trace the footsteps of the great explorer Around the rondo are matadors In the Plaza Mayor at the alcazar of the grand Alhambra I hear a sad guitar The soulful singer intones great depth Flamenco dancers respond in step Kings and Queens
The Lagoon 00:53
It’s a challenge when you paddle against a tidal flow you battle When the current runs contrary you just haul with all your might I’ve been wrong so long it’s become my song But I feel so strongly it all belongs Now the timing’s right, no fear in flight, I won’t stay another night I’m Leaving The Lagoon, setting sail real soon Breaking camp before high noon I sing my tune Leaving The Lagoon, with the rising of the moon Like a laughing loon, Leaving The Lagoon Now there’s a treasure trove of riches 'neath a shallow cove with fishes Where a world of wealth is invested in a sand dollar bank Like a village on the ocean floor with dancing diamonds on the shore The pristine sea is thriving and surviving here with thanks Manson’s Landing calls to me, Cortes Island wild and free Living out a life of destiny Whaletown Bay awaiting me, Squirrel Cove still taunting me Giving what I have for all to see
Winter Rose 04:08
She's a fragrant flower, fairest one of all On a thorny tower, sturdy, straight and tall Crowned with staying power, blooming in the fall Who could it be? Winter Rose adorns a splendid sailing ship Emblazoned on the bow, a moniker that fits Sheltered in the harbour, moored in a slip Who could for-see? My Winter Rose, true beauty shows Fair trade winds blow, My Winter Rose Once a dream was nothing but a fantasy Just a gleam within the eye of destiny Then the scheme became a clear reality Who could have known? Now a mighty schooner, fit as she can be Trimmed and weighing anchor, sails expectantly On a grand adventure o'er the restless sea For ports unknown My Winter Rose, a steady course she holds Deep currents flow, My Winter Rose Captain's concealing something, a treasure map he keeps Smuggled by a scuttled pirate, salvage from the deep Fearing sabotage and mutiny he sleeps - suspicion grows There's a trade embargo, the skipper wasn't told And a precious cargo is hidden in the hold Could be contraband or artifacts they've stowed - nobody knows My Winter Rose, boldly she goes No fear she knows, My Winter Rose
One Day 00:24
Another Day 04:01
The Falcon stands upon his perch too unaffirmed to fly Sees the dealers wheeling by, they try to steal the sky From LA to Los Alvarez from Mexico to Spain Drifting By down a different highway, it’s Another Day In dreams sometimes it seems like I’m the Pixelated man So fragmented it’s a War of Words, I’m in a Cryptomnesia band I walk like a Big Man in Town but shudder at the Storms of Life So lost in This That These & Those, they rarely see the light When I wake up it’s Another Day, the whole world waits out there The first day of the rest of my life, there’s so much more to share It could all be gone so fast, over in a flash Well I’m wide awake, it’s Another Day An Aperture opens up on a window inside my mind An Aural Vista is shimmering in an Introture of lines Songwriters Circle, and (It’ll All Work Out) Someday I’m Easy Rolling and Reckoning we can find a way When I wake up it’s Another Day, the whole world waits out there The first day of the rest of my life, there’s so much more to share It could all be gone so fast, over in a flash Now I’m on my way, it’s Another Day Water pours down all around from the sky and from our eyes Sometimes we all just stand around sometimes we run and hide Crashing cymbals, loud guitars, my ears feel like they fry Booming Bass and soaring sounds, they almost make you cry When I wake up it’s Another Day, the whole world waits out there The first day of the rest of my life, there’s so much more to share It could all be gone so fast, over in a flash While I’m worlds away, it’s Another Day
When we were kids we would play outside and swim in the lake at the beach I’d love to visit my grandmother’s house and in her orchard eat a big juicy peach I’ll never forget how the apple blossoms smelled, but that’s another story I could tell The fondest memory that comes back to me, is climbing in The Old Cherry Tree When the summer was hot we’d wear T-shirts and shorts and run thru the grass in the yard Playing Hide ‘n Seek, the other kids and me, we’d chase around the cat and the dog Riding bikes down the lane, swinging in the barn, building forts in the hay, jumping in the straw When the cherries were ripe there was one place to be, that was under The Old Cherry Tree The Old Cherry Tree brings sweet memories to me and I hope that I’ll never forget Climbing to the top where the world could see It was me in The Old Cherry Tree Nothing tasted as good as a Black Cherry could, and for a feast I thought I’d almost die Queen Anne’s were sweet and the Bing’s were a treat and my Mom would bake the juiciest pies But wintertime would come, snow would cover the ground, I can’t recall a more silent sound We’d climb those snow banks as happy as could be, and swing in The Old Cherry Tree Then one day I left the farm and went off to school leaving my family and my friends behind No more fishing in the pond, racing down the road, in the city there were new friends to find I think back to the times, when we’d sing nursery rhymes, playing games my sisters and me Now when I need to be free there’s only one place to be in the arms of The Old Cherry Tree Yes The Old Cherry Tree brings sweet memories to me now I know that I’ll never forget Climbing up to the top where the world could see It was me in The Old Cherry Tree
Looks Like I'm Leaving Well it takes a restless spirit Just to burn those bridges yearning for the road And the closer you get near it The more a man will learn there is to know And I don't know what I'm looking for Don't know if I'll ever be back no more Looks Like I'm Leaving So I sold my stock in Steeltown Turned a lock and key, drove to Nashville Tennessee Took my family and my guitar Took a look around just to see what I could see And I don't think that I stayed too long I don't think it's too soon to be moving on And I’m bound for glory, bound for truth And I guess I'm bound to learn a thing or two When I've found my freedom, paid my dues I might even find my dream before I'm through Looks Like I'm Leaving Now I'm a long, long way from nowhere And anywhere I go I'm never far from home So I'll say goodbye and ride away And leave behind the best of all I've known


released December 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Glen Foster Group Nanaimo, British Columbia

Glen Foster is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, entertainer, music producer and president of his own companies: Rescue Records, Parent Publishing & Productions. He was a professional music teacher for over 20 years. He has studied rock, jazz, Chet Atkins finger style, Hawaiian, and classical guitar, has been awarded two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. ... more

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